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Biblebell's Analysis of the Sequence of Prophetic Events


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The goal of this series of Four Bible Studies is to publish a proposed chronology of *Selected Key Events* leading up to God's creation of the New Heavens & New Earth.


  • Except for a very few cases, the Bible does not specifically explain the SEQUENCE in which its prophecies will take place.
  • Therefore, the sequence of events shown in this study are nothing more than Biblebell's studied OPINION.
  • On each page of these studies, the right hand column quotes Bible verses using white letters. The comments shown in small maroon letters [like this] are Biblebell's *interpretation* of certain Bible words and phrases. In other words, the maroon letters are OPINION.
  • Biblebell is a fallible human being. Like anybody else I have my own hang-ups, biases, & misconceptions. Therefore, *be a Berean!!* [Acts 17.11]
  • Ponder carefully the verses we quote. Examine their context in your own Bible. Draw your own conclusions.
  • Most importantly, talk to God A LOT as you read this.

Index of Studies

  • Study One - Ancient History [To be documented & published later]
  • Study Two - Recent History |Present Days | Near-term Future
  • Study Three - The Tribulation | Preparation for the Kingdom Age
  • Study Four - The Kingdom Age [To be documented & published later]


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